The foundation’s mission is to assist with the gift of a stipend in encouraging interns and volunteers in performing or visual arts to continue a career in their chosen field.

The Leigh Bess Boone Foundation was formed as a public 501(3)c nonprofit in August 2009 for the purpose of encouraging interns/volunteers in visual and performing arts by awarding them a stipend. More often than not these workers are not paid, and if so, a very minimal amount, so any additional financial aid is welcome. The volunteer positions within our theaters, museums, galleries, and the like, are vital not only to aid these institutions, but oftentimes necessary to further the education and experience of the intern in pursuit of a career in the arts.

Within the spirit of service, internship programs and volunteer positions play a vital role and have become an integral part of a career in the arts. This working environment is an excellent learning tool through a mentoring process and offers hands-on experience to the intern or volunteer, and there are vast benefits as well to the organization creating the position for them because, among other things, they are constantly bringing new people and ideas into their workplace.

The Leigh Bess Boone Foundation was founded in honor of the beautiful, hard-working, multi-talented and artistic, loving Leigh.
Leigh_croppedLeigh Bess Boone was a dedicated supporter of the arts throughout her life. Always involved in multiple organizations and activities from early morning radio shows, to back stage direction, to gallery management, Leigh not only made the arts her career but she made it her life. Leigh knew how to organize the chaotic world of the arts and non-profits and always with an infectious smile. Leigh passed away on April 11, 2009 as the result of a bicycle/vehicle collision.


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